This is female Shepard for Mass Effect 3

If you loved Selene from ‘The Underworld’ movie, then be ready to get the same amount of enjoyment from a Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard. A female commander Shepard is how Bioware decided to spice up their Mass Effect 3 debut, and here is the good side of it you should know about.

What is a Mass Effect Shepard?

This is the lead protagonist in any Mass Effect third person shooter game. When released in 2007, and like many of the shooter games you know, the protagonists are always male characters. However, the video game developer Bioware decided to switch things up by putting a female as the lead of the pack that will eliminate the imposing hordes of alien reapers. And this has its merits.

Pros of a Female Commander Shepard

They are Gorgeous

To begin with, the female Shepard is more good looking compared to the male characters. They kind of remind you of Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft or Selene from The Underworld. The female Shepards are sassy with a model-thin body and hoards of stealth in the battle field.

Badass Weapon Collection

Secondly, you got to love the upgraded N7 weaponry that come with the Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard. Honestly, they wield the M-23 Katana shotgun better, using their lean athletic bodies for skillful maneuvering on the battleground and successfully eliminate reapers. There are plenty of reaper-destroying ammunition options to go with the guns, which no doubts will give your Commander Shepherd a sky-rocketing boost in stealth.

Customization option.

Mass Effect 3 allows the player to build a character profile befitting what they envision as a kick-ass feminine Commander Shepard. So pick a lady name of your choice, decide whether they will be a blonde or redhead then finally handpick the best arsenal for them. If you are in any online Mass Effect 3 gaming forum, flaunt your sexy Commander Shepard to the online community and see how many likes you get.

Mass Effect 3 is packed with advanced battlefield action and elevated graphics any gamer would drool on. To this add a smoking hot Female Shepard with a mean weaponry selection and you are on to an exhilarating gaming experience!

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